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At the November 8, 2016 Election, the voters of Cathedral City voted to become a Charter City, effective January 1, 2017.

What Is a Charter City?

The State Constitution allows local government to be governed for its “municipal affairs” (land use and zoning, city expenditures, contractual rights) either as a General Law city (controlled by the State Legislature) or as a Charter city (controlled by a “mini constitution” – a Charter – established and controlled by local voters and their City Council.

Download the approved City Charter HERE .

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Department Summary

This program is designed to facilitate and maintain records of the business conducted by the City Council and City staff. Activities include maintenance of the City's public records system and legislative history; the processing of appeals, documents for recordation, initiative petitions, ordinances and various other City documents; preparation and posting legislative agendas; publishing and posting legal notices; conducting all City elections; administering campaign and financial disclosure laws; maintaining City Commission and Committee rosters; and providing secretarial support to the City Council.


The city clerk is the local official for elections, local legislation, the Public Records Act, the Political Reform Act, and the Brown Act (open meeting laws). Before and after the city council takes action, the city clerk ensures that actions are in compliance with all federal, state and local statutes and regulations and that all actions are properly executed, recorded, and archived.

The statutes of the State of California prescribe the basic functions and duties of the city clerk, and the Government Code and Election Code provide precise and specific responsibilities and procedures to follow.

The office of the city clerk is a service department within the municipal government upon which the city council, all City departments, and the general public rely for information regarding the operations and legislative history of the City. The city clerk serves as the liaison between the public and the city council and provides related municipal services.

As an Elections Official, the City Clerk administers Federal, State and Local procedures through which local government representatives are selected. The Clerk assists candidates in meeting their legal responsibilities before, during and after election. From Election pre-planning to certification of election results and filing of final campaign disclosure documents, the City Clerk manages the process which forms the foundation of our democratic system of government. You can register to vote on-line by going to the California Secretary of State's website at http://registertovote.ca.gov/ .

As a Legislative Administrator, the City Clerk plays a critical role in the decision making process of the local legislature. As the key staff for Council meetings, the Clerk prepares the legislative Agenda, verifies legal notices have been posted or published, and completes the necessary arrangements to ensure an effective meeting. The Clerk is entrusted with the responsibility of recording the decisions which constitute the building blocks of our representative government.

As a Records Manager, the City Clerk oversees yet another legislative process; the preservation and protection of the public record. By statute, the clerk is required to maintain and index the Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions adopted by the legislative body. The City Clerk also ensures that other municipal records are readily accessible to the public. The public record under the conservatorship of the City Clerk provides fundamental integrity to the structure of our democracy.

Activities And Services

  • Keep City Council, committees, commissions, staff and citizens advised of issues being addressed at Council meetings by preparing and distributing all agendas, related materials, minutes, and responding to queries and conducting research.
  • Maintain accuracy of the City's Municipal Code by providing for codification and by updating all Code books within three months of receipt of codified material.
  • Ensure that the Council, City staff and interested citizens have ready access to City documents by maintaining an up-to-date and cross-referenced filing and retrieval system.
  • Provide citizens with the opportunity to remain informed in relation to City actions by meeting or exceeding all legal requirements regarding public posting, legal advertising and mailing of public hearing notices for zoning actions, assessment district proceedings, appeals and benefit assessments.
  • Provide citizen representation on boards, commissions and committees by advertising for applicants, receiving and acknowledging applications for appointment, arranging interviews, following through on appointments and maintaining up-to-date membership lists.
  • Ensure that all elected, appointed and other designated officials are provided with the information necessary to meet or exceed all legal requirements of the conflict of interest statutes by keeping informed of changes in the statutes, advising all officials of legal requirements and filing dates, and providing necessary forms.

The City of Cathedral City is committed to the belief that in order for government to be most effective the public must be provided access to information which fosters public knowledge and engagement, subject to law. On this page, the public is provided information to promote trust and accountability in government.

The FPPC (can you do a hyperlink on FPPC as follows http://www.fppc.ca.gov/ ) is an independent commission that has primary responsibility for the impartial and effective administration of the Political Reform Act. The Act regulates campaign financing, conflicts of interest, lobbying, and governmental ethics. The Commission requires a variety of disclosure documents be completed and made available for public review, including the following:

The Mayor, City Council, members of the Planning Commission, City Manager, City Attorney and City Treasurer are all designated under the Political Reform Act to file a Statement of Economic Interest Form (Form 700) annually. These forms may be obtained through the City Clerk's Office or the Fair Political Practices Office. Beginning in 2017, the 700 Forms are filed electronically and can be viewed by going to the FPPC's website at http://www.fppc.ca.gov .

Anyone doing business in the City of Cathedral City must have a business license. This includes contractors (and subcontractors) and those operating a business out of their home, known as a Home Occupation Permit. You can submit an application in person at City Hall or download it from this web site and mail it to City Hall. Home Occupation Applicants must apply in person at City Hall.

Licenses expire one year from date of issue and are not prorated for the calendar year. Home Occupations and out–of-city businesses are activated within 7-14 business days of receipt of payment. All other businesses will be reviewed internally and inspection(s) may need to occur prior to being approved. The approval process usually occurs within 7-21 business days, depending upon the type of business.

General information for all businesses :

Common Business Licenses

Please see the Application Instructions and the Fee Schedule (page 2 of the application) for an overview of license fees. If you have any questions, please call the Business License Administrator at (760) 770-0353.

A General In-City Business License is based on estimate of gross receipts for the first year of business. This application can be submitted through the mail or in person along with a Building Occupancy Clearance & Fire Inspection Forms . The application and associated forms are routed for approval to the Building, Engineering, Fire, Planning, and Police departments. You can download the Business License Application and the Building Occupancy Clearance & Fire Inspection Forms .


9-1-1 Emergency Calls

  • House/Structure/Vehicle Fires
  • Brush Fires
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Hazardous Materials Emergencies – chemical leaks/spills/fires

Fire Business and General Information Calls – (760) 770-8200

  • Blood Pressure Checks CPR Training
  • CERT/Emergency Preparedness Training
  • Smoke Detector Inspections
  • Fire Prevention

Speakers for community service groups or neighborhood meetings.


Because we cannot teach CERT in person due to current global health events, residents may want to watch videos and take the classes on-line. These classes do not provide certification but are there to provide virtual training.

National Community Emergency Response Team Program (CERT)

Welcome to City of Cathedral City's Office of Housing Assistance!

Housing Department

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